Our Solution

Accessibility made easy: Health care access for students with disabilities

“EduCare improves graduation outcomes for students with disabilities through a tech enabled platform that connects colleges and health care providers. .”

Fowzia Mahamed, Founder

Who We Are

EduCare provides a secure HIPAA-compliant online platform – called Health Information Exchange – to students with disabilities to connect them and their education institutions to health providers to reduce barriers to their academic success. Through the platform, students are able to book virtual appointments with physicians to discuss their ongoing health concerns.
The platform will support colleges/universities to meet the strategic mandate agreement targets in access and equity and graduation outcomes required by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

EduCare software as a service

The EduCare software digitizes and streamlines the personal health management process to ensure that students with chronic physical and mental health conditions are seamlessly connected to their local community health center(s) and accessibility services in the college(s)/universities.
EduCare provides an opportunity for Community Health Centres to address the healthcare needs of vulnerable student populations, and in doing so, meet the organization’s Multi-Sector Service Accountability Agreement (MSAA) targets, the measures by which CHCs are evaluated in their provision of healthcare services.