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About Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services provides support for students with disability-related barriers in the learning environment. The goal of Accessibility Services is to reduce barriers, increase students’ ability to meet their wellness goals, provide accommodations and meet disability-related needs. Students, whether studying in person or online, are offered academic accommodations, assistive technology training and referral to on-campus and community services. Accessibility services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

You can connect with the Accessibility Services team at your college or university by visiting their website and clicking on the “Student Services” tab to locate their contact information (email address or phone number).

Step 1 –  Reach out to Accessibility Services via phone or email

Step 2 – Register  with Accessibility Services Consultant/Counsellor (online)

Step 3 – Provide relevant supporting medical & academic documentation (online)

Step 4 – Schedule a meeting with Accessibility Services team (online or in-person)

Step 5 – Schedule a meeting with your Healthcare Provider and relay findings to Accessibility Services

Some of the services offered by Accessibility Services include:

  • Accessible Testing Online Management System
  • Crisis help
  • Documentation for the first appointment
  • Health and wellness
  • Creation of individual student profiles
  • Student support for academic accommodations
At your first appointment (intake session) with Accessibility Services, you should have all your supporting documents. When you meet with your Counsellor, you should discuss your unique needs and goals. You would work closely with your Counsellor to develop a personalized success and care plan, which includes referrals to community organizations and services that provide specialized treatment and services related to your mental health and disability needs.
EduCare can help to facilitate referrals to healthcare providers at community health centres or other specialized treatment and services.
Having access to your records is important, as it will help you to have control of your data in one place at your fingertips online. You will have access to and own ALL of your information. You have full control over and can delegate access to any, some or all of your information to designated members of your circle of care including colleges and universities.

About EduCare

EduCare is a secure technology platform that assists students requiring Accessibility Services to:

  • Securely store & retrieve their academic and health-related documents
  • Connect with their educational institution and healthcare provider(s)
  • Book virtual appointments with physicians to discuss their ongoing health concerns
  • Improve their chances of academic success at their educational institution
  • Improve their graduation outcomes

Step 1: Sign up

To sign up with EduCare:

Go to the website – →  Click “Join Now” → Select “Get it Now”


Step 2:  Create a profile with EduCare

To creating a profile with Educare:

Select username →  Select password →  Enter your email address → Click Submit and Confirm


Step 3: Upload your medical documents to the EduCare’s website

Upload your Accessibility and supporting medical documents to Educare’s website, which meets all of Canada’s privacy and security standards for the safe keeping of your personal health information.


Step 4: Share your accessibility documents with the healthcare provider(s) at the Community Health Centre (CHC)

Retrieve your accessibility documents from EduCare’s website and share with your healthcare provider(s)


Step 5: Share your medical documents with your college or university

Retrieve your medical documents from EduCare’s website and share with the Accessibility Services at your college or university.

You will have access to and own ALL of your information. You have full control over and can delegate access to any, some or all of your information to designated members of your circle of care.

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